We sell more than only shoes!

For us there is no big, no small. We value only creativity and quality. We love to connect with people and artists that create value in their own small/big way. Our love for shoes is eternal and so is our promise to bring the best. When do not judge the BEST from social media followers, we learn it from quality and creativity.

From artists to craftsmen to ramps to pop-ups to stores, we are on a continuous mission to bring the best footwear fashion.

We encourage up-cycling of pre-loved shoes and accessories. As a part of our continuous mission, we set-up your personal pre-loved closets, guide you on pricing and create an opportunity for you to up-cycle. The only condition is the footwear and fashion accessories being re-sold must be in saleable condition. The pre-loved closet will appear separately in the main menu.

To help environment in your own small way, contact us to share and up-cycle and join us in our habitat to not us sell shoes but to share your footwear and accessories closets.

Let's enjoy the freedom of choice to buy new or pre-loved fashion at Onlyshoesz!

Who we are? We are a bunch of people who love to connect and who love shoes till the Z.



We value our customers and we also value our staff. Our team are here to delight you with their warm and friendly services.
For us to deliver a high standard of service and provide a safe work environment, we encourage mutual respect.
Please be kind to our staff and have patience with responses.
All your queries will be answered by our customer service desk. We appreciate your kind support.
Kindly refrain from exhibiting any inappropriate behaviour, threats, offensive language or unreasonable demands for service.
We reserve the right to refuse to attend under any such situations.
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